Our Vision

We exist to develop healthy leaders through hands-on-training, academics, and student life. Our mission is to expand students in three areas:

  • Academics

    SEU Ocala is dedicated to preparing men and women for effective leadership in today’s world. Doing this requires a sharp mind that is able to engage the culture. Meadowbrook church has partnered with Southeastern University to provide a sound, biblical education that will become the foundation for the integration of faith, learning and service. Beyond this, SEU Ocala will also develop passionate leaders that will take on life’s greatest challenges through servant leadership.

  • student Life

    Our goal is to produce skillful leaders, who can live, learn, and influence their communities and professions through healthy leadership and service. Student life will enrich a student’s experience by creating a collaborative community that fosters a balanced and purposeful life. Our students will learn to champion diversity, build community and celebrate traditions that promote an inclusive environment.

  • Training & Leadership

    The training and leadership tracks at SEU Ocala will equip and train students in the specific roles that they choose. The students in these programs will not only have a mindset on discovering and developing their gifts, but they will also receive practical hands-on experience within their specified roles. Through their tracks, students will be stretched to discover their full potential.